Hello, and welcome to our website. Please allow us to share with you, our passion for helping people getting healthy and fit. By visiting us today, you have shown your interest in achieving your weight loss goals and wellness.

What We Do

We help people that are overweight or obese and want to lose weight and live a healthy life. Individuals who want to prevent the adverse health effects of obesity. People that are committed and want results. People suffering from medical problems related to their weight and want to get healthy, naturally.
We assist people that have tried dangerous and hard to maintain diets and failed. People that are confused about contradictory and changing dietary recommendations by the “experts” and celebrities alike. 
Those who feel stuck, overwhelmed, and discouraged about losing weight. People that don’t want to go hungry all day dieting. Those who are tired of losing a few pounds only to regain it back again. 

We help people who want to feel and look healthier, fitter, younger, with a lot more energy. Those who want to lose the weight safely and permanently and keep it off as long as they want.
We help you lose the extra fat and achieve your optimal weight. 
We do that by helping you monitor your diet and follow sensible low glycemic natural foods diet with an emphasis on fresh fruits, vegetables, wholegrain high fiber, lean cuts of meats, low-fat dairy products while avoiding simple sugars.


Your weight loss program will be under strictly medical supervision every step of the way. A combination of education, appetite control and exercise is encouraged for best results. We promote healthy, nutritious, real food eating rather than processed and junk food. We support a lifestyle plan, not a quick fix diet.
Our comprehensive medical weight loss program is designed to meet your unique concerns. We customise a treatment plan only after a careful evaluation of your current situation. To ensure your long-term success, we provide lifestyle counselling, behavioural and nutritional guidance to fit your life. We recommend meal replacement therapy and vitamin supplementation for some of our patients. Some Of our patients need a combination of medical and lifestyle changes along with long-term follow-up for optimal results.

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I liked the expanded time with the physicians going over the health facts/topics and interactions and inputs from the other students in the class was very helpful. I learned a lot about healing your gut. What foods to eat and what foods to avoid, handling stress, improving digestion, vitamin and nutrition, all very informative and helpful information. This class allowed me to see the changes that I need to make to have a healthier lifestyle.John
Dr Farhangfar was/is fantastic and so are his assistants! Awesome! This class has been extremely helpful to me, being designated as pre-diabetic it has been beneficial to help me gain the knowledge on making changes to a healthier lifestyle and understanding the importance of proper diet and exercise. I will miss this class.Heather
Dr Farhangfar covered a lot of information that was very useful, great “Kick Start”! Thank You. My life eating changed for better, great start to getting the weight off. Learned a lot about good diet. MerciAlexis

From Overwhelmed To Overjoyed

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About Us

We are passionate about making weight loss EASY and AFFORDABLE for as many people as possible. By visiting us today, you have shown an interest in weight loss and healthy living. We can help you get healthy and fit. You will feel younger and look healthier with more energy. You will safely and permanently lose the extra pounds without crazy dieting and excessive exercise. That’s our promise to you, and we guarantee that we can help you.